Front Range Sabbat Front Range Sabbat LARP
*Front Range Sabbat schedule*

November: 1st and 3rd Friday
Nov 6th and Nov 20th

December: 1st and 3rd Friday
Dec 4th and Dec 18th

Schedule for 2016 will go up around newyears!, for the most part it will still be 1st and 3rd Fridays : )
Sabbat, Vampire:The Masquerade, and all other related materials are Copyright to WhiteWolf Publishing/CCP inc.
Sabbat, Vampire: The Masquerade, and all other related materials are intended purely for entertainment value.
We are not vampires, we do not drink blood, and we do not take the game to be reality...
Updated: 11/3/2015
-Next game will be November 6th!!

-Dont have books? Curious what to play? 
Check here for  for quick info on each clan! 
(Video maker not affiliated w our game)

And you can purchase digital copies of most of the Original WOD books on

-Laws of the Night (Revised) and 
-Laws of the Night: Sabbat
Are the titles you want first to get you started.

-We are now on Puppet Prince! you can create your character and submit it for review via this website as well as manage your sheet and connect with other players in the game:  Heres Us

-New player? no problem! we are always accepting new sheets and backgrounds. You can reach the STs at

Welcome! We are a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP Troupe based in Arvada, Colorado. 

The chronicle takes place in character with the Sabbat crusading from Longmont throughout Colorado's Front Range.

We play First, Third and some Fifth Fridays in Arvada at an indoor site. Our site is easily accessible by car and bus.

We encourage all players - New to Larp, New to Vampire, New to Sabbat, and Sabbat Masters alike
to attend. We have a friendly staff and group of players.

Please see the links above for our House Rules, and Sabbat 101 Primer. We are working with OWBN's genre and have packets available for various Clans, Magics, and Sabbat Genre upon request.

Please email the board at:
for directions and any questions you may have!

That said- while we like new players at any time, and are down with EVERYONE, regardless of creed, color, planet of origin, DC or Marvel, and sexual coordinates, we are a private gaming group and reserve the right to deny participation to anyone.